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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A-1 -- One block down, 168 to go!

Did my first DJ block last week -- A-1, Pinwheel Gone Awry. That's Row A, Block 1. It's not perfect but then again, finished is better than perfect! :-) Take a look:

And I think I have a name for my Baby Jane --Humility Jane! Looking at the back reminds me that this quilt (should it ever get as far as a quilt) is going to keep me humble.

People on the Dear Jane list suggest that newbies should pick the easy blocks to start with, but I'm too anal for that -- I want to start in the upper left corner of the quilt and just work my way across and down -- if I can. So far it's fun, and that's the important thing. I prepped A-2 last week, and just last night I prepped A-3 and A-4. We leave in three days for the Big Hunting Trip 2006, and will be gone for probably three weeks. I hope when I get home to have a bunch of blocks done!

And I can now use the "official" Janiac signature:

Humility Jane, 1-0-0-28 (number of blocks, number of triangles, number of corners, total number of pieces)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

While wandering through websites sometime a year or two (or three?) ago, I came across the Jane Stickle quilt, now known as the Dear Jane (R) quilt. Jane Stickle made, as far as we know, just one quilt, but it's a dandy -- take a look:

I'd like to make one. I've got the fabrics and lots of directions, plus access to websites with more directions and block tips. I've got the book of patterns and pictures of all the blocks and triangles, and I've got the CD with even more information and help on it. But it's a very very big project. The biggest hitch (besides the fact that these are teeny tiny blocks) is that I'd really like to hand-piece the quilt, and I've never hand-pieced anything at all. So, totally intimidated, I'm procrastinating.

I truly thought I'd manage to start this weekend, but the weekend got away from me and here I am, not started. But I've got the fabric out, and directions printed for blocks A-1 and A-2. Maybe this week . . . Stay tuned. I'll let you know.

On the other hand, I could just prep a bunch of blocks so that when we're traveling next month I'll have something to work on in the car. That would be a good way of procrastinating even further! Or I could re-define myself as simply a collector of Dear Jane supplies.

But no, I really really want to do this quilt. I really need to start. Soon!

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