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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A-3: Hunter's Moon

Finished this one tonight -- but I wonder if I'd have done better to applique it. My friend Pam does all of these blocks with curved piecing, and I wanted to try it. It's done, and the front isn't too bad:

I could criticize it but I won't. Finished is better than perfect!

The back leaves a LOT to be desired!! It would look a lot neater if I had appliqued it, but I wouldn't have learned as much, so I'm fine with it. Once the quilt is backed, no one will see this anyway, right? Actually, I think if I'd done it in a different order, it might have come out better; next time (egad! Will there be another time??) I'll try piecing the melons to the center "square", piecing the four outer sections together, and then piecing the center "circle" into the square. I bet that would turn out better than this did.

But after all, the name of my Baby Jane is "Humility Jane," and this block's back simply demonstrates the appropriateness thereof.

I learned about a Hunter's Moon today, from my Hunter Husband. A Hunter's Moon is a sliver of a moon, so named because if the moon is a sliver, the animals won't feed at night, which means they'll feed in the daytime and be available for the hunters to find. (If the moon is full, the game can see well enough to feed at night, and therefore they sleep during the day, making it very hard for Hunter Husbands to find them.)

I guess this block has FOUR Hunter's Moons on it!

And I must keep reminding myself: Finished is better than perfect (although I wouldn't mind being a little less imperfect!).

Judy-Jane in Craig, Colorado, where Hunter Husband is looking for a mule deer

Humility Jane, 3-0-0-69


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