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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A-8: Florence Nightingale . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And another nice, easy, straightforward block!! I love it! Nice corners, and it mostly meets just where it should. (Of course I finger-pressed the bejabbers out of it -- you can still see the crease lines in the pictures, even though I've ironed it more than I would have thought possible!) I like this one -- bright fabric and a good, bold design.

And looking at the back of it, of course, I forgot to trim threads -- too bad! One folded corner, too, but that's ok -- I can press that down. This one came out pretty close to right, but it also helps that the directions I'm using are the "make it big and whack it off" type.

OK -- first eight blocks done. The next two things are triangles!! Eek!! But a month ago I didn't think I could do the blocks, so I guess I'll just muddle through and see what I can do with the triangles.

This is really fun!! I hope Jane had as much fun with hers. Of course, she had to do the creativity part too, and all I have to do is the sewing. Big difference.

Triangles, here I come!

Judy-Jane in upstate NY

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